Unique design enjoys national patent, 2 treatment probes...


Emission model:Scan 2% compared with autotuning Frequence

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1-10pc in 7days 10-50pc in 21days


Burn surplus fat, Lymphatic Treatment, skin tightening...


3years free warranty for replace the parts

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Utilizing focused wave transmitter to project the frequency which reaches 40KHz of intense sound wave, causes violent vibration within fatty cell, and resulted in producing the innumerable vacuum air pocket inside and outside the fatty cell; the fat cell is bombarded with strong force and caused its membrane the introversion demolition.The Triglyceride decomposes into glycerine and free fatty acid, utilizing 6MHz frequency wave to cause the decomposition of the glycerine and the free fatty acids discharges outside the body through hepatoenteral circulation. Finally, uses the ultra frequency energy localization to explode the fat to tighten, thus achieved the weight lost and the lush body beautification effects.